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Kraków Old Town, Kazimierz

Old Town - the oldest area of Kraków, surrounded by the Planty. Its center is the Main Market Square. Old Town, the Wawel Hill and Kazimierz district were historic monuments listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1978.The major sights of Krakow's Old Town are located on the Main Market Square: St Mary's Church, Sukiennice, called the Cloth Hall, Town Hall tower and the remains of defensive walls –with the Florian's Gate and the Barbican.The old city is enclosed by green belt - Planty, built on the site of a moat surrounding the old city walls.

History of the Main Market Square dates back to the thirteenth century. It is the biggest square of Kraków, as well as the largest market in the square shape – 40 000m2.

St. Mary's Church located in the north - east corner of the Main Market Square. St. Mary's is the largest and most important apart from the Wawel Cathedral. It is well known not only in Poland.

The Cloth Hall - historic building located in the centre of the Market Square. Its origin dates back to 1257. The Cloth-Hall was designed for cloth trade. During the centuries the Sukiennice was rebuilt in the Renaissance style and in the 19th  century the arcades were added. Nowadays the ground floor is used for commerce. Upstairs is the Gallery of the National Museum with painting and sculpture of the 19th century.

Another Square’s landmark  is the 70-meter high Gothic tower from the 14th century - Town Hall Tower. This main administrative building in Krakow survived the demolition in 1820. Nowadays it is a part of: the Historical Museum. In the basement there is also a theater, called “The City Hall Scene”.

Kazimierz is one of the most characteristic districts of Kraków, which we associate primarily with the rich heritage of Jewish culture.Relics of the old Kazimierz district, its culture and past times act as historic synagogues, squares ( Nowy Square, Wolnica Square) and first of all Szeroka Street. Where the popular, annual, Jewish Cultural Festival is organized. Museums collect exhibits and cultural heritage of Polish and world Jewry.

Kazimierz attracts a lot of tourists from all of the world, fascinated by the local culture and atmosphere. It is also a center of night life in clubs, cafes and pubs. Walking the streets of Kazimierz - everyone can find something special. Tradition and all kinds of cultural events intermingle with pure entertainment. Besides jazz concert or an interesting spectacle, you can go dancing or listen to modern sounds in the local clubs.


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