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Wieliczka - Salt Mine

700 year old salt mine - Wieliczka is famous for its unique architecture. You can see there a number of chambers, saline lakes, chapels with beautiful salt sculptures.

On the second level of the mine (101 m under the ground) there is the most beautiful and famous mine chapel, called - the Chapel of St. Kinga. Since 1999,  visitors can see the salt monument of  Pope John Paul II  sculpted by a miner - Stanislaw Angel.

The world famous underground tourist route was created on the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Every year about a million tourists visit the 3 km route consisting of 20 chambers, located at the depth from 64 to 135 meters (level I-III).

The mine is frequently visited by national leaders, scientists and artists. The duration of the tours is approximately 2 hours.

The museum collection is gathered in 14 chambers and exhibits the fate of main, tools and equipment for extraction and transport of salt as well as the history of the city Wieliczka.

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